Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Virtual Box : Sharing Host folders with Guest

Its often necessary to share some host folders with guest in virtual box. Follow the steps below to share a host folder with guest.

Select your virtual machine and goto Machine->Settings. A window will pop up as shown below.

Select Shared folders from the right side menu. Then click on Add shared folder button. Shown below.

In the dialog box which appears, select the folder to be shared and give a name for it. It is with this name you access this folder in guest. You can share the folder in read only mode by checking the read only check box  If you check auto mount option, the folder will be automatically mounted during the machine boot up. Click OK to share this folder.

Now you can see the shared folder in the list as shown below.

In this method you can share any many folders from host as you want.

Note: In order to access these shared folders in guest you need to install guest additions.

If you are performing the above steps when the respective machine is running you will have an additional option while adding a folder as shown below.

You will have to check Make Permanent option in order to share this folder permanently for that particular machine. Other wise the share is valid on for the current running session.


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