Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mounting ISO images in Linux

Last week I came across the problem of installing some software packages in my Fedora 15, without any internet connection.

At that point of time the only option available was to use the ISO image of the installation DVD. It contains  a good collection of software packages. So I thought of adding this as a software repository. But for that we have to mount it. So as usual I googled and got the right solution.

Mounting ISO images is quite easy in Linux. You can use the common mount command for achieving this goal, of course with loop device.

First of all you need to be root. Use the sudo command to gain the root privileges.

enter "sudo su"  without quotes and then type the password when requested to become root user.

Next is to make a directory (mount point) to mount the image. I am going to mount it in /media/repos. For that enter

mkdir  /media/repos

Now navigate to the directory which contains iso image. In my case the image file is fedora15.iso. Use the following to mount it. 

mount -o loop fedora15.iso /media/repos

Done. Check the directory repos and you will find all the files in the mounted disk.


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