Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting started with AT90USBKEY


This board contains following components on board.
  1. AT90USB1287 microcontroller
  2. One 4+1 ways joystick.
  3. Two Bi-Colour LEDs.
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. serial data flash memories
  6. all microcontroller I/O ports access on 2x8pin headers (not mounted).
AT90USB1287 microcontroller is having an optional boot code section. It is this feature which allows easy programming without any extra hardware. This boot code section contains a factory build boot loader which support device firmware upgrade. We can load boot loader during reset/power on through various ways. 

Programming  the KEY with USB boot loader.

You need to install the Flip software. Download it from
Note:- Be sure to download the latest version with Java Runtime Environement included.
Connect the KEY to the USB port of PC, automatically it will be enumerated as a composite USB device. You need to change KEY into device firmware upgrade mode. For this follow the steps in sequence given below.
  1. Press the RST button on the KEY. (Now the device will be disconnected) 
  2. Holding the RST pressed, press HWB button. (This is to enable boot loader after the reset)
  3. Release RST button first. 
  4. Now release HWB button.
Note:- RST and HWB are the only two pushbuttons on the board

Now the KEY is in device firmware upgrade mode.

Launch the FLIP. You will be presented with the following screen.

 First you need to to select the device. 

Goto Device--> Select and select AT90USB1287 and click OK 

Now goto Settings --> Communication--> USB and click Open.

Note: If it shows " Could not openUSB device ", then either the KEY is disconnected from the PC or KEY is not in device upgrade mode. In the former case connect KEY to the PC and retry. In the latter case you once again set the KEY into device upgrade mode by following the sequence described above. 

Now the connection is made between FLIP and AT90USBKEY. You can see  all the controls active now as shown below.

Now check all the check boxes below 'Operations flow '.

Now goto File --> Load Hex File and load the required hex file.

Click on the RUN in the operations flow block.

Now the device will be programmed. You can see green indication beside all check boxes, indicating the operation was a success (Shown below).

Its over. Now you can start your application either by clicking the Start Application or by pressing RST button on the KEY.  


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