Sunday, January 8, 2012

AT90USBKEY - A good start for developing Atmel USB microcontroller based devices

AT90USBKEY is a demonstration board based on AT90USB1287. This can be directly connected to your PC. Also it has got firmware upgrading feature using boot loader, so that you don't need any special hardware to program the micro controller. 

AT90USB series of micro controllers are Atmels most advanced USB2.0 compliant microcontrollers. Atmel also provides the library support for USB firmware development. Some example projects are also included with this, which can be directly run on this board.
This will be a good choice for one who is planning to do some AVR projects especially for those who develop USB devices..

Various components in this board are listed below.
  • AT90USB1287 uC
  • 4+1 joystick
  • 64 MB data flash
  • Leds
  • USB port
Data flash is included for the purpose of demonstration of the mass storage device example project and also to aid the developers to learn and design mass storage devices.

This is a low cost ($30) demonstration board which is available in Digi key.


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