Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Accelarate your development using AVR studio 5

It was only two months back I installed AVR studio5 on my machine. Its really awesome. Lot of features have been added to it. Out of which most which I felt is the power of the IDE. Earlier I used eclipse for source code debugging and analysis. Now there is no need to go for another IDE. With the power of visual studio its outstanding.

Writing code is so fast due to its auto complete feature and prediction. Also function tracing is also of great help. It is supporting C/C++/assembly.  It is also supporting a huge collection of development tools so that you need not have to switch in between. Integrated compiler also is of great help so that you need not bother about the compiler and tool chain selection.   

Apart from this it is supporting all AVR micro controllers (8-bit and 32 bit). Project wizard is also simple and cool.


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