Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Troubleshoot Ubuntu using Ubuntu Repair Disk

Most of the beginners in Ubuntu are facing a major problem of GRUB i.e.when they install windows  after Ubuntu installation , their GRUB is lost and they cannot boot into Ubuntu. Also some are having problem in uninstalling Ubuntu without affecting other OS's installed in the system. All though there a lot of solutions available for these problems, all those methods relay on command line. This command line method will be hard for a newcomer. So here is some solution for it.

Ubuntu Secured Remix releases are the solution for this. The release which I am mentioning here is the Ubuntu Secured RemiX 10.04 with Graphical Interface. At the end of this post a download link is available.Following tools in addition to normal ingradients of Ubuntu 10.04 are present in the disk.

  • Boot-Repair: This is a graphical tool in the secure release mentioned above. It helps us to reinstall the grub. If there is any back up available we can also restore our previous GRUB. 

  • OS uninstaller: This allows us to securely remove an OS without effecting the others in a system.
  • Gparted: This is a Graphical partitioning and resizing tool available in the above release.

To know more about how to use these tools Click here

Download these releases here.



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