Sunday, July 3, 2011

MATLAB Programs 10: Design Of FIR filter using windows

Design of FIR filters using windows are very easy in MATLAB. Following functions are used for finding the popular window coefficients.

hann() - for hanning window
hamming() - for hamming window
blackman() - for blackman window
kaiser() - for kaiser window

Here the design of FIR low pass filter using hanning window is demonstrated. The program is given below 

% Program to design a FIR filter using windows.

close all;
clear all;

fp=input('Enter the pass band frequency');
fs=input('Enter the stop band frequency');
rp=input(' Enter the pass band attenuation');
rs=input('Enter the stop band attenuation');
f=input(' Enter the sampling frequency');

%Calculating filter order


% Normalizing the frequencies


%Adjusting the filter order. The order of window must be an odd number 
%and the order of filter must be one less than that of the window 

if (rem(n,2)==0)

%Window sequence calculation


%Calculation of filter coefficients


%Plotting the filter response

TITLE('Magnitude and Phase response');

%Enter the pass band frequency1000
%Enter the stop band frequency1200
%Enter the pass band attenuation.2
%Enter the stop band attenuation45
%Enter the sampling frequency3000

You can change this lowpass filter to high pass filter by changing the option 'low' to 
'high' in the fir1() function. The output is shown below.

%Enter the pass band frequency1200
%Enter the stop band frequency1000
%Enter the pass band attenuation.2
%Enter the stop band attenuation45
%Enter the sampling frequency3000


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what need to be done for band pass filter

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can u plz upload the 2*2 fast fir algorithm

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for above code it shows below error i.e
??? Attempt to execute SCRIPT fir1 as a function.

Error in ==> fir3 at 41

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wats that formula for


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when i use kaiser function then this error appears...
Attempt to execute SCRIPT kaiser as a function:

pls help

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please upload Down sampling and Up sampling codes

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