Thursday, July 21, 2011

KTechLab: A tool for electronic circuit design and simulation

KTechlab is an IDE for electronic circuits and micro controllers. It can perform simulation of a variety of components (logic, integrated, linear, nonlinear and reactive), simulation and debugging of PIC micro controllers via gpsim, and comes with its own closely-linked and complementary high level languages: FlowCode and Microbe.

It has been designed to be as easy to use and unintrusive as possible; all components and FlowParts have context sensitive help, and simulating electronics is as simple as dragging components onto the work area and creating connectors that autoroute themselves between their pins. FlowCode allows users new to PICs to instantly create their own programs, while the electronic simulation allows stepping through a PIC's assembly program inside a circuit.

These days we are having KTechLab support in almost all Linux distros and is also available for windows. 

Click here to goto KTechlab homepage.


pcb said...

Such a informative and helpful post for me as a pcb designer. Keep update you blog.

Mahdi Gamel said...

available for windows!, how to install it on windows?
if you know plz reply ??

Anonymous said...

hello, it is not possible for windows. KTechLab is based on QT3 which not support windows

Shear Beam load Cell said...

Is it possible for windows 8????

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