Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have fun with Linux command line

Are you fed up with your Linux box by changing the themes, desktop effects, appearance etc ?

Then lets have some fun with command line.

Launch your terminal from Applications->Accessories->Terminal.

Now just type eject in the terminal and you can see your CD/DVDROM drive tray ejecting out.

Type eject -t to close the tray.

Type eject -T to toggle the state of tray i.e. when you type this command, if the tray was closed , it will be ejected and vice versa.

To shut down your system type halt.

You need root privileges to execute the halt command. So if you are not root prefix your command with sudo as shown below.

sudo halt

Now enter the root password.

To reboot your system type

sudo reboot

You can also specify the time at which your system should shutdown by giving the time along with the halt command as shown below.

sudo shutdown -h 18:45

The command will shut down your system at 6:45pm.

You can also specify the time at which your system reboots as follows

shutdown -r +30

The above command will reboot your system 30 minutes after the command is executed.

Hope you have enjoyed these......................................


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