Thursday, July 21, 2011

Explore the world of electronics with Fedora Electronics Lab

Fedora Electronics Lab is a special distribution from Fedora focused on electronics.It is Fedora's high-end hardware design and simulation platform. This platform provides different hardware design flows based on the semiconductor industry's current trend. FEL maps in three methodologies {design, simulation and verification} with open source EDA software.

It has got a huge collection of tools which aids us in design simulation and verification of hardware. Some of the major tools are listed below.

PikLab: This is an IDE for the development with PIC micro controllers. This is much similar to MPLAB. It also provides support for most compilers and standard programmers.

KTechLab: This is an IDE for electronic circuits and micro controllers. It can perform simulation a variety of components (logic, integrated, linear, nonlinear and reactive), simulation and debugging of PIC micro controllers via gpsim, and comes with its own closely-linked and complementary high level languages: FlowCode and Microbe.

GNU Octave: This is an open source substitute for MATLAB.

A lot of other tools are also available in addition to the above listed ones. Thus using Fedora Electronics Lab we could design our hardware with the freedom of open source tools.


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