Wednesday, July 6, 2011

C Programs 03: To find the rank of a matrix

Couple of weeks back as I was preparing for my eighth semester B.Tech exam, I got stuck with some fundamental concepts. For clearing some doubts in my mind, I had to find the rank of some matrices. Manually finding rank of matrices is very time consuming and so I rushed on to my PC. Alas! I had some trouble with my Internet connection. For that moment I had no other option before me to find the rank. (At that time I don't have a Mat lab installed on my PC). But I was not ready to drop this thing. I sat down there and wrote a  program to find the rank of a matrix in C. It is this program which I am publishing here.

Download: Program to Find the Rank of a Matrix

Algorithm used in this program is the classical method of reducing the matrix into echelon form and counting the number of non-zero rows.   


Anonymous said...

ne yabba adi maaku telusu be.c program adiganu.

NAVEEN A said...

thanks dude thanks very much

Anonymous said...

thank you bro !

Anonymous said...

Good effort!

Anonymous said...

hey hello ..itz out of memory

Anonymous said...

how we can take the matrix at run time by user.

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