Saturday, June 25, 2011

MATLAB Programs 02: Generating an impulse signal

Below given is a program to generate an impulse signal. 

%program to generate Impulse Signal

ylabel ('Amplitude');
xlabel ('Time Index');
TITLE ('Impulse Signal');

Here we have created an array Y with the following data 0,0,1,0,0. When this is compared to the time axis we get '1' for the time zero which represents the impulse signal.
Try plot(), instead of stem(). You may not get the required result. Guess the reason for it !!!. If you could not make it out ask me.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just got a triangular shape when Plot() is used .. why ??

bala subramanian said...

is there a program for lightning surge

Anonymous said...

plot() gives a continous wave signal and marks the whole signal instead of the digital impulse value.

Thangaraj Thagnaraj said...

thank u

Anonymous said...

why y(1,3)=1 is used?? what is its significance? and if we change the value if y it shows error, say i have entered the value y=zeros(1,6) or y=zeros(1,7). can u plz help me.

Anonymous said...

i think plot is used for plotting continuous function and stem for discrete function.. that's why stem is used here

Anonymous said...

why we are using y=zeros(1,5) and y(1,3)=1 ?

Anonymous said...

x1=1*[(n+m)==0] %for impulse at n=-2

Muhammad Zaka said...

y=zeros(1,5); why we are using this line??

Anonymous said...

for take five zeros in a single row

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GGWP said...

how do you use the dirac funtion to plot a unit impulse function?

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