Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stepper Motor Control In Turbo C++

Having controlled stepper motor in your Linux box, let's program our stepper in Windows XP using Turbo C++. The parallel port is used for interfacing. Interfacing circuit is as shown below. This is the same circuit which we used for stepper motor control in GNU/Linux.


In Turbo C++, programming is much simpler. It contains many in-build functions. For example we are having delay functions so that we don't need to write a seperate code for providing delay. Programming concepts are similar to the previous code for linux. The program will turn your stepper in clockwise direction for 80 steps and then in anti clockwise direction for 80 steps and then stops. Download source code.



Spondon Kundu said...

I am using the stepper motor FDK J58A832T for a grid follower robot for precise turning.....could any one tell me how i can interface the stepper motor to my in the motor driver ic used and the parallel port used as the laptop has a 15 pin parallel port....and not a 25 pin parallel port....pls this is urgent....

Thank you

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