Saturday, November 27, 2010

PC Controlled Rover With Obstacle Sensing and Avoidance

PC controlled rover with obstacle avoidance is basically a rover which is controlled by the PC and incooperates the features of the obstacle avoidance robot.This has two modes of operation

1)PC controlled mode
2)Obstacle Avoidance mode

In PC controlled mode the centre control of the rover is from the PC.In this mode  if the rover detects an obstacle,It automaticaly makes a reflex action to avoid collison with obstacle.During  this time the signals from the PC will not be accepted by the rover.

In the obstacle avoidance mode,PC has no control over the rover.It will automaticaly move by avoiding the obstacle.This mode selection can be done from the computer while the rover  is working.

There will be a GUI program running in the PC which has the various controls.This is developed in C++ using Qt crossed platform IDE. The output is taken from the computer through the parallel port.


Anonymous said...


i am using ht12e encoder for display LED light through switches, rf .4 LED are displayed when switch is on. How can implement switch replace with computer controll. my email id .Please help me..

Ajinkya Dixit said...

sir i am using RF remote.... i want to make this project.... please give me code of GUI application.
my id is :

Albin George said...

sir can u plz send me the GUI application
my mail id :

Enggr Sujad said...

Ahan great work .man keep it up .. I wil b attach to you for help ..

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