Thursday, November 25, 2010

Computer Dictionary 02

ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit

AMD 386: A 32 bit processor that is compatible with intel 80386 processor, It was developed by Advanced Micro Devices.

ANSI: American National Standards Institute. The voluntary committee in America that sets national standards.In computing world, ANSI has developed and recommended standards for languages like COBOL, FORTRAN and C.

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The code  that assigns numeric values to all letters,numbers, special characters and punctuations. The values from 0 to 31 are used for non printing characters.

ANALYTICAL ENGINE: The first computer like calculating machine that could be using levers and wheels, provide solution to logical questions with logical operators, for which the first algorithm or program was developed by Lady Ada Lovelace.

ANPA Colour: This is a standard prescribed for colors that will print well on newsprint. ANPA Colour specification is by the Newspaper Association Of America.

API: Application Program Interface.

Apple Computer Inc: A computer manufacturing company founded by Steve Wozinaik and Steve Jobs on April1 1996. The company produced the Apple series of computers and later in 1994 the much loved Macintosh series.

ARPANET: This was the network created by the US defense department to link universities. It has now merged and become the Internet.

ARU: Audio- Response Unit.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode: In communications, a method of transmission that uses start and stop bits to coordinate the flow of data so that time interval between individual characters do not have to be equal. Parity may also be used to check the accuracy of the data received.


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