Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computer Dictionary 01

Address Resolution: The conversion of physical address like the place of file in the secondary storage medium, into a logical or named address.,for the use in remote access programs, like intranet and internet.

ARP: Address Resolution Protocol

Administrator: Formerly related to kings, Dictators , Presidents and unfortunate persons who had the onerous task of running the government. Noe it is the person or group that manages a computer system,network and seems to it that the system is working properly, and is in shape condition.

Adobe: T he Adobe systems company has established a niche for itself in the world of illustration and publishing industry. Some of the most sophisticated software in graphics, and drawing like Photoshop -the image enhance utility, Illustrator, a desktop publishing tool, and similar softwares are their hallmark The main Adobe post script language , which is used to convert desktop publishing outputs to complete pre press jobs, is their unique contribution to  the world of computing and printing -publishing.

AFS: Andrew File System.

AGP: Advanced Graphics Port.

AHA: Advanced Heuristics Analysis.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

ALGOL: Acronym for Algorithmic Language. It was the first structured programming language, and was developed in 1950. It is not widely used now,but was the foundation for creation of other structured languages like Pascal and C. Algorithm is the best known method for constructing computer programs.

Altair 8800: The first commercially successful micro computer that was based on the intel 8080 chip. It was marketed in 1975 by Mexican company Micro Instrumentation Telemetry systems. The Altair was also provided with Micrsoft MBASIC Interpreter, created by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. It was first step to the PC and also to the development of the programming language BASIC, the drives and other innovations.


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