Monday, November 15, 2010

Computer Dictionary 00

This is a new series aimed with an effort to get familiarized with the computing related words. Each of the posts in this series will contain ten words and their explanations. There will be posts in this series thrice in a week. Here we begin.

a-b box : Switching box: device used for sharing peripheral devices among a number of systems

A-D converter: Analog to Digital converter

A/UX: The UNIX operating system developed for Apple Macintosh machines. It enables use of Unix with Mac features of GUI interface. Used with Macintosh II with a Motorola 68020 microprocessor. While Unix does not itself provide for Graphical interface,A/UX uses the Mac Tool box, and hence Mac users will be at home with it.

A20: Address in intel processors called the High Memory area. This is 64k of address space, and it is accessed by DOS using the HIMEME.SYS on IBM AT and compatible systems

abacus: The earliest calculating machine developed by man. It consists of a frame with ten strands of wire with beads in the wire. There is one bead in the first wire,two in the second and so on. The tenth one has ten beads. Abacus can be seen attached to slates which small children take to school. Certain wool spinners in Russia have calculated complex sums and beaten the computer in speed using this simple tool. It represents early man's first attempt to simplify calculations. Now used as a teaching aid.

ABE: Program in DOS platform that converts binary data to ASCII to be transmitted in E-mail.

ACL : Access control List

ACM :  Association for Computing Machinery

ACPI: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.

Activex: Development tool that helps you reconvert programs and presentations you create inWindows environment to an acceptable format for hosting or displaying in the internet


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