Thursday, October 14, 2010

PIC Serial Port Programmer ICSP+Standalone

PIC Serial Port Programmer ICSP+Standalone programmer for pic microcontroller is a highly usefull low cost PIC programmer. As the name indicates it is interfaced via serial port. Using this you can program 8-pin, 18-pin,28-pin,40-pin micro controllers. It supports almost PIC12XXXX, PIC16XXXX, and PIC18FXXXX series of PIC microcontrollers. It's price is Rs 350/- in india. You can order it from Robokits. For more details about this you may goto Robokits.


angut said...

yahu kardeşim neyini yorum yapiiiim siz bu kartın hangi programla çalışacağını yazmamışsınız kiii angutsunuz yani

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