Saturday, October 16, 2010

Embrace The Power Of USB with PIC18F2550

Undisputed domination of USB has made USB support a necessary requirement for the microcontrollers. It is time for us to leave behind Parallel Port, UART/USART.... and all similar things and embrace USB. Here I am presenting before you one of the best microcontroller which has an in build USB controller. PIC18F2550 from Micrchip Inc.

Main eye catching features are
  • USBV2.0 compliant.
  • Low speed (1.5Mbps)  and Full speed (12Mbps) .
  • Supports Control,Interrupt,Isochronous and Bulk transfers.
  • Supports up to 32 endpoints (16 bidirectional).
  • 1KB Dual Access RAM for USB.
  • On-Chip USB transceiver with On-Chip voltage regulator.
  • Interface for Off-Chip USB Transceiver.
  • Streaming Parallel Port (SPP) for USB streaming transfers (40/44-Pin packages only).
In addition it has a very wide popularity and support and a lot of supporting tools are available. It costs around Rs 450/-. 

PIC18F2455, PIC16F4455, PIC16F4550 are other PIC Micro controllers which share the same features.

Click here to read about the programmer.


Anonymous said...

Whether 18F2550 can be used as a host usb controller.

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