Friday, September 24, 2010

USB Powered LED Reading Lamp

It is quite unfair to use the general light in your room while working in your desktop PC or laptops. It is better to use small portable light weight USB powered LED lamps which give us necessary light for reading, writing etc. This saves a lot of energy. Circuit for building a USB powered LED lamps are quite simple. So why cant we got for it?

Here I have designed a circuit for a USB powered LED lamp. It uses the power from the USB port to drive five high brightness LEDs. Max current which this circuit draws from the USB port is 50mA, which is well within the safe limits. Be patient to study the pin out of the USB port. Before connecting, take extreme care to make the right polarity.

Disclaimer Notice:- Technoburst will not be responsible for any problems which arises due to the use of above circuit including the hardware failure


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