Friday, September 10, 2010

Fixing MBR of Windows XP Service pack 2

MBR ( Master Boot Record) plays a crucial role in system booting. If this is corrupted or overwitten, your system may fail to boot. MBR or partition sector is the first 512 byte sector of your partitioned hard disk which the BIOS initially access to load the OS. MBR problems usually occur in multi OS sytem where GRUB comes into action. One of the most simplest method is to rewrite the MBR using the Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation CD. Steps are as follows

  • Insert the CDROM into the drive.
  • Boot into the CDROM.
  • First screen which appear will have an option to repair. Now press 'r ' to repair.
  • Now it drops to command line. It will then ask you to select the required Windows installation of which MBR is to be fixed. Make the selection and give the password when prompted.
  • Type the following command without quotes.
         " FIXMBR "
  • Sometimes it may warn you. In that case you just give yes ('y').
  • Now type " REBOOT "  and the system will reboot. Make sure to take out the disk.
Now your MBR is fixed and system will load your windows installation.

Note: This method will work only for windows XP. This will wipe out your GRUB so that you will not be able to boot into any other OS.

Disclaimer notice : We will not be responsible for any problem ( physical and financial ) which arises while performing above steps. Do it in your own risk.


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