Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Insatalling MASM and usage

Here installation of MASM 6.11 is discussed. First you need to download the required files from This will be a compressed file. Decompress the file and navigate to folder named Disk-1.Run the setup file. Then the following screen appears. Hit enter to continue.

Now select the first option " Install Microsoft Macro Assembler". Hit enter.
Now select " MS-DOS / Microsoft Windows "and continue. Select "Yes" for all further queries.And finally select C drive.

Now select no change and continue. Select "Yes" for all further Queries and continue
Now it starts installing. When the installing is over the following screen appears.
Now you can press Ctrl+C to exit.

Now in the c: there will be a folder called MASAM611. Now for start using MASM from MS-DOS by navigating to C:/MASM611/BIN.

For compiling the ASM files the command line syntax is.


For executing the the Object file generated from the above step, just type the name of the file and hit enter.


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