Sunday, August 22, 2010

32-bit AVR UC3

Why running around 16 bit microcontrollers while 32 bit is right at your market.The 32-bit AVR UC3 product family is built on the high-performance 32-bit AVR architecture and optimized for highly integrated applications. The 32-bit AVR UC3 microcontrollers deliver high computational throughput, deterministic real-time control, low power consumption, low system cost, high reliability and ease of use. The 32-bit AVR CPU includes cutting-edge features such as integer and fixed point DSP arithmetic, single-cycle multiply and accumulate instructions, and single-cycle SRAM access. The peripheral DMA controller and multi-layer high-speed bus architecture make the UC3 core ideal for high throughput applications. UC3 devices are perfectly suited for portable and battery-powered applications due to their outstanding low power properties. UC3 will be offering a new series of devices with Floating Point Unit (FPU) which improves processing performance by allowing the MCU to perform arithmetic calculations on decimal numbers in fewer clock cycles with higher precision and wider dynamic range.


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