Monday, July 19, 2010

Speed Up Open Ofiice In Ubuntu 9.04

Open office is really a good match for Ubuntu and also serves as a perfect replacement for Microsoft Office. But inspite of all these ,it is slower when compared to other programs. So now let us make it run faster.

To make OpenOffice open faster, all you need to do is go to Start-up manager, well that is what it is called in version 9.04, and in other distro’s it is normally named the Sessions program. 

System----Preferences----Startup Applications in order to find the program. Then, add a new entry and in the command field, put in

openoffice -nodefault -nologo

The only thing that required now is to restart your system. It is now cached, so when the Gnome desktop begins, OpenOffice will also start, as it is basically moving it to a start up program and therefore making it start up super-fast.


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