Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lubuntu For Low Spec Systems

Ubuntu is common but not Lubuntu. Lubuntu is a derivative of ubuntu like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu etc. Lubuntu is a light weight and energy saving OS developed to run on low spec and older systems. It is a varient of Ubuntu which uses LXDE (light weight X11 Desktop envirinment) as default GUI. It is this which makes Lubuntu faster. It makes a comprimise between graphics and system performence. Ubuntu and Kubuntu uses GNOME and KDE as default GUI which makes it bulkier.

High spec computer users may find this out of scope but for average and low spec systems users  this is some what great. Minimum system requirement for Lubuntu 10.04 is 128MB RAM and Pentium II/celeron processor. This is exteremely fast to boot and also to run. I am using a system with 386 MB RAM and pentium IV. When I test this Lubuntu, It took less than 8 seconds to boot. For me this was something great where Ubuntu 9.04 takes more than 20 second to get desktop ready. Another feature is that with Chromium,web browsing is extremely fast. 

To make this ubuntu light weight many common applications are not present by default. Major applications which are not present in Lubuntu 10.04 are
  • Mozila Firefox
  • Open Office
  • Gimp
 Applications which are present in Lubuntu 10.04 are
  • Pidgin
  • Chromium ( Open source Version Of Google Chrome )
  • Abi word

All the required applications could be installed as our wish as you do it in Ubuntu. Like Ubuntu  Live CD we have Lubuntu Live CD.  At present Lubuntu is not recoganized by Cannonical Ltd. But soon it will receive support from them.

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