Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grammar Check for Open Office

Some times you might have thought of a grammar check tool for Open Office as you see it in Microsoft Office. At present there is a tool for that which is now a part of Open Office 3.0. It is actually an add on for Open Office. To add this feature you first need to download the language tool. Now you simply double click on it to get your grammar check feature installed. After installing restart the Firefox. Some times the installation may fail. In most cases insallation faliure may be due to the lack of java.

For this language tool to work you should have Java 5 or later.

To install Java 5, open the terminal and type 

        sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk 

Once you have installed this you may retry installing your language tool.

Some times even this may not work. Now you will need to install package to make your java working. You can install the missing package either in Synaptic or enter the following command in Terminal.

        sudo apt-get install



Anonymous said...

Good news for open source

Conall Brendon said...

great advise, thanks very much

grammar check

Grammar check said...

This is useful information. Thank you very much. Grammar check tools are essential nowadays. A lot of people have to prepare documents and reports as a part of their job.

It is difficult to always catch every mistake that may be made. Using tools like this makes it a little bit easier to ensure that your work will be presented at a standard that you are pleased with.

mary Brown said...

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