Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Testing The Transformers

There are basically two types of transformers ,linear transformers and switching mode transformers.Linear transformer mostly used in radio, project kits, VCD and etc while switch mode transformer can be found in Monitor, TV, Fax and so on.

Basically transformers consists of two coils wound over one another in a particular turns ratio. A simple method to test the transformer is to test these coils for continuity. You can test this using a simple multimeter set to continuity testing mode.It is common in multimeter that if the resistance of the portion under test is less than 200ohms it will produce a buzzer sound.In step down transformers the resistance of the secondary winding will be less than that of the primary due to thicker wires and in the case of step up the things get reversed. The actual value of the DC resistance indicated is meaningless, but at least you know whether the winding is open or not. If the winding is open, then the transformer is faulty and it is time fore replacement or rewinding.

Alternatively you can test the transformer by giving the input supply voltage and measuring the output voltage. If it shows no output or if ti shows a very small value than what is expected you can conclude that the transformer is faulty.
Testing of switching mode power supply is little bit complex and you may google it to get your required stuff.


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