Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Auto Power On Your PC Using BIOS

It is quite good to have your PC auto power ON at required time, carries out your scheduled tasks and finally making an auto shut down. Auto Shut Down is some what common and auto power ON not so common.Though there are some utilities for this in windows and other proprietary OS. All these finally ends up with an interaction with BIOS. It is quite easy to turn on your computer using the the saved time and date and even you could make a daily or monthly schedule for this in BIOS. 

Enter into the BIOS settings during the system booting by pressing the required key as specified by the manufacturer of the BIOS which is displayed on the screen. Navigate to  POWER MANAGEMENT tab or POWER tab. There you could see some thing like  RESUME ON ALARM or POWER ON BY RTC ALARM. Enable this feature (the names of the various tabs and sub tabs in BIOS may vary according to the manufacturer ).Now set the time date etc. Now save this settings and exit. Now wait to see your system getting powered on at the set time.


Anonymous said...

Does this work with vista? I never see that option within my BIOS

Anil C S said...

I don't no much details about this. The above post is based on what i did with the bios in my system. I think this feature will be present in most of the bios. You will need to find where this option is available in bios.

mispam mayl said...

what happens if my computer is already on at the specified time?

faizy juTt said...

thank u blogger

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