Saturday, May 1, 2010

Controlling The Parallel Port In Windows

In the last post, basic surface ideas about parallel port were discussed. Let's start controlling the parallelport in windows using a software called "Lalim parallel port control" (download) .With this you can control hardware through the parallel port (printer port) and can also control a remote PC parallel port through a network.

Download the software and run the program. It may show some error. To over come this you should copy the file "MSWINSCK.OCX" to the folder as specified in the readme file which comes with the program. Now it will work. You will get a window as shown below.

Look at the check boxes shown on the left side of the window. These corresponds to the data pins of the parallel port. If you check the boxes in this, the pins corresponding to the checked boxes will be driven high. For example if you want to make the pin3 of your parallel port high, check D1. Now click on the the set button. Now pin3 of your parallel port will be driven high. You can check this using an LED in series with a 2k resistor connected between pin3 and the ground i.e. pin18 . To make the pin3 low uncheck D1 and click set button. Like this you can control all the data pins. If you click the reset button , all the data pins will be driven low.

Note: Be careful while using the parallel port. Always connect a 2K resistor in series with the led. Otherwise loading of the port occurs which could damage your port or motherboard.

Disclaimer Notice: Do all things mentioned above at your own risk. None of us will be responsible for any damage caused due to this.


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OS: Windows 7 x64
Error: "Unable to extract IO.SYS. Log in as user who has such permission.

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