Friday, March 12, 2010

Creating Live USB

Creating and booting from a Live USB drive can be used as an alternative to the standard approach of burning and booting a Linux CD.Here I am introducing three utilities for creating live usb. Basic requirement is that your motherboard should support booting from the usb drive and you should have a usb drive fo atleast 1GB.

Unetbootin is utility that allows you to create live usb of a wide range of linux distributions an their various versions. Unetbootin is available in both windows and linux versions. (DOWNLOAD). Only requirement is that you need to have the ISO image of you distribution or else you can download it.

Open unetbootin and select you distribution and the correspondnig version. Then browse your ISO file aganist the "Disk Image" , Select your drive and then click OK and wait. After the process reboot the system and set the system to boot from usb.

Fedora Liveusb Creater
This can be used exclusively for fedora distributions. Here again the requirement is an ISO image or else you can download it.Both linux and windows versions are available( DOWNLOAD).

Just open the application browse for your ISO image and then click "CreateLiveUsb" and wait. And now it's ready to boot.

Startup Disk Utility

From Ubuntu 8.10 onwards they have included an utility call "USB Startup disk Creator ". Using this we could create live USB of all ubuntu distributions .Here requirement is either an ISO image or a CDROM .Go to System-> Administration->
USB Startup disk Creator.

Now insert the CD or click 'other' and browse for your ISO image. Then click " Make Startup Disk".

So here are the three methods. Please
don't hesitate to contact me for your doubts.


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