Friday, March 12, 2010

Creating ISO Image using Nero 7

Quite often we may need to create ISO images .We can do this using nero 7. By default nero saves image in .nrg format. To create .ISO follow the steps below.

Launch the Nero and select copy disk . Also select whether CD/DVD.

Now the following window appears.

Select "Copy Audio CD Tracks " from the left side menu.

Now select ISO image file format , path to save and click GO. Now it starts saving.


Anonymous said...

I have window 7 DVD. Which i tried to create an image by following your steps. But the save option does not have iso. format. Help! and Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Change the tmp file save location, then given a name there you could change the fipe of of file to iso.

hope this helps you.


sarafat ali said...

sir i have bootable pendrive of window 7, can i make iso file of this in naro....?

Anil C S said...

no you cant use nero for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that worked for me:-)

Jahirul Islam said...

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Masoodi Kaunsar said...

U can't use nero for it ... But u can easily make it iso by using other software

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